Dunhill Global. is an international freight forwarding enterprise approved by the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Communication, and China’s General Administration of Customs with the Grade I freight forwarder certificate No.: SMTC-NV01945.

Maritime Service>

Dunhill Global is NVOCC that provides import/export transportation service.To provide the best service, Dunhill Global has built strong alliances with numerous vessel companies that own reliable, competitive ocean freight transportation services.Dunhill Global maintains a high Level of systematic and comprehensive ocean transportation service bypackaging ,Loading/unloading, storing and transporting various types of ocean shipments; LCL(Less than Container Load) shipment, FCL(Full Container Load) shipment,bulk shipment and extremely Large cargo.

Air service >

Dunhill Global offers efficient and flexible services to our clients by working with numerous major air
transportation companies around the world.
In addition to fast, reliable service, we strive to provide tailored solutions based on customer
needs and cargo specifications.
Dunhill Global has a dedicated air transportation department comprised of experienced experts who 
possess total knowledge in air import / export, consolidated transportation, customs clearance
and storage. We are dedicated to providing customized logistics services.
Strategic partnerships with major air carriers to ensure space for our customers
Competitive air freight costs and transit time
Customized logistics service through comprehensive and specialized expertise
Dunhill Global also provides dedicated air charter services for over-sized cargo, extremely
urgent cargo and large quantity shipments that cannot proceed with general consolidation.
Dunhill Global is strategically partnered with major air carriers to accommodate the optimum logistics
solution by selecting the proper airline with appropriate air routes and securing the amount of
space needed.

Railway Service>

With the national”The Belt and Road“strategy in an all-round way and strategic role in the country”node Belt and Road Initative’in the construction of international railway transport channel,DunhillGlobelweill become an important basis and supporting strategy of building Belt and Road Initiative countries

Truck service>

Nowthe have own container trucks/general trucks&bonded trucks in all main cities in china,can help customer to door-to-door pick-up and door delivery service.Reduce operating costs for client and meet their demands for logistics services.
The GPS systems on bonded trucks can easily truck the truck and cargo’s location online,to ensure the transportation on reliable manner.

Project transportation>

Dunhill global we integrate our years of experience in the forwarding industry to deliver your cargo using the mosteffective means possible. We provide unique logistics solutions that are tailored to meet your needs.We also have experience in shipping bulk cargo and heavy machinery required for refineries and power plants.Over the years, we have earned the respect of our peers and customers as a reliable and effective partner.The team assigned to your project will provide any special equipment required and will survey the route andtransfer points, arranging for modifications to roads and structures where necessary. From start to finish, yourcargo will be under the watchful eyes of our project management team.Dunhill Global project team members are professionals with a wealth of experience and thorough understanding of globaltransportation systems.They will work with you from start to finish and provide the highest level of service.

Supply chain logistics>

Warehousing is value-added service center of logistics and supply chain.modern storage not only provides the traditional storage services,but also provide policy-related delay in the manufacturing sector,the latter part of assembly,packaging,coding,and pasted-mark,customer service and other value-added services,improve customer satisfaction,thereby enhancing the supply chain service can be said,logistics and supply chain,the vast majority of value-added services are embodied in the warehouse.

Customs declaration service>

Import and export customs declaration

Cargo fumigationg,commodity inspection and quarantine

Consulting of the regulations and the laws concerned

EDI system to pay of customs duties on behalf of customer

Bonded logistics zone customs declaration

Other service

Value added service >

Value-Added Service (VAS) is a new type of service to enhance and exploit simple & traditional warehousing service.
The main strategy of Value-Added Service (VAS) is to shorten the lead time, reduce inventories, and decrease the total cost of finished goods by providing picking & packing, assembly, etc.
◇ Picking & Pack services
◇ Labeling
◇ Bundling / unbundling
◇ Quality Control

Dunhill is approved by the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of communications and the General Administration of Customs approved...
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